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The Magic of Slydini by Lewis Ganson

Printed and Published by Harry Stanley, London: 1958. Hardcover. 208p. Numerous photo illustrations by the author. Tall 8vo. Original cloth binding with dust jacket. "Slydini was known as a Magician's Magician because his methods were so different from those usually used and known by other magicians. He was an expert at timing and misdirection. Included in this book are 12 detailed routines including photo sequences. The routines include his paper balls in the hat, cigarette miracle, two cigarettes from one, cigarette fantasy, sponge ball magic, coins through the table, new coins through the table, flight of the paper balls, rope trickery, helicopter card, knotted silks, and his version of the torn and restored newspaper." This was the magician and book that most influenced many sleight of hand artists in the 1940's and '50's.




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