I've owned the Pimpernel wallet for at least 20-25 years, and it has served me well. It's a great product! Kirby-Alexander Covington Canada

I own the hip pocket Mullica and also the Pimpernel Wallet. As far as I am concerned, I cannot imagine any wallet out there beating out my Pimpernel. The design of the wallet is just brilliant! There is so little work to be done by the magician with this wallet that all concentration, attention to performance, and focus can be fully centered around your presentation. No worrying about getting caught up with sneaky moves, no misdirection needed , and leaving my spectators every time with there jaws on the floor!! The pimpernel notecase can also be used as a peek wallet. The hip pocket Mullica is also a great wallet, the only real problem I have with it is it's size, and maybe the fact that I cannot use it as my everyday wallet. Go with the Pimpernel Wallet as it is (in my opinion) the perfect "NO PALM" card to wallet.Walletclosed

Until you actually perform with it yourself, it is hard to comprehend how ingenious the wallet really is, and how much of an impact it really has on the spectators. Yes, you do load a card in, but you also shuffle the heck out of the deck before you do so. It looks totally clean.  You bet some money on it that their card is in the wallet, they pull the card out and it is not there card. You then point to a closed zippered compartment, open up the zipper and there is their card (I have made so much money scamming drunk folks at the bar with this wallet, I think it already paid itself off, the drunker they are the more they bet, that is another plus about this wallet, you bet money, the drunks agree, and you win every time). I get huge gasps when I pull the spectator's signed card out. The routine is actually a lot longer then it sounds, and this also adds to the anticipation. You just have to perform with it to understand the psychological aspect of exactly how the wallet works and how your performance and presentation goes along with the effect, and presentation is key. My older brother who is also a magician owns the hip pocket Mullica and Pimpernel also. When I showed him the workings of the Pimpernel he immediately bought a one and has not touched his Mullica since. It is just one of those effects that you need to own, not just read about, to understand how effective it really is. This is why the Pimpernel Wallet cost so much, and it is worth every penny......'PIZ' (posted on The Magic Cafe)

Hi Peter!
I believe I won't be the first to tell you this, but I am totally fascinated with what I received today! Finally, this is the everyday wallet I am looking for. I know for sure that I'll be using this for a long time. This wallet is great as it is one that allows for an extremely simple non-palming card to wallet routine and one that is so versatile as it is capable of functioning as a himber wallet. Absolutely love this one! Thanks for the fantastic product! Yours Magically, Muhammad Shufi Salleh, Singapore

I have spent the summer season on a Greek Island (somebody's got to do it) performing almost (twice) every night and at each close up portion of the evening I have used your wallet for my 'signed card to wallet' routine, probably 300+ performances.  Your wallet is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!! The wallet 'broke in' very quickly, handles brilliantly, I used it both in the act and for everyday use. It now looks like I've had it for years but will have (sadly for your sales...) many more years of use. Thank you for a GREAT product which I would have no hesitation in recommending to others. Paul Brignall.

Dear Peter, I first saw you perform your Pimpernel wallet and dark card routine two years ago and it has niggled me ever since that I could not figure out how you did it so I have eventually bought one!

After playing around with it for a day I performed it to my partner of 17 years who has seen every trick I do and she knows instinctively when I do a pass, palm or any other move.  When I produced her card she said she had no idea how it got there and when it changed colour it blew her away.

This is the reaction I like!

Thank you so much for a stunning piece of magic - money well spent. Best wishes, Luke Gravett, Carmarthen

Hi Peter: We met at Abbott's Get-Together and I purchased one of your Wallets. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! What a great prop!!!

This is positively one of the finest, commercial Magic props I have ever purchased in my 50 years of doing Magic and quite possibly the best value in magic props I have ever seen! And you can quote me on that! Together with the included routines, and, in my opinion, the Dark Card's absolutely unbeatable!  Rick Morein (USA)

Thank you so much Peter. I am baffling audiences with this effect!! IT'S KILLER!! Thanks again for such a top quality wallet. No working magician should be without your wallet, it tops them all!! My older brother(who is also a working magician) just recently stopped by to show off his hip pocket Mullica. The second I showed him the workings of your notecase, his jaw dropped in depression. He now regrets even purchasing the Mullica. I thank you again for such a cleverly powerful mind-blowing effect...Thanks again..'PIZ' (Magic Café)

I've openly spoken about this in past, but I'm saddened that the Pimpernel Wallet is becoming so popular. I bought it in Montreal about 3 years ago and have been selfishly using it since.

Peter has made a wonderful product and when combined with Dark Card, provides a nice full-circle routine, that has got me more bookings than anything I really do. LOL - people actually know of me as the guy who changes the colour of the cards.

So once again, let me say, Peter, you've done a fantastic job of creating a product that I'm sure will be well embraced by the magic community at large. Alym Amlani (Canada)

I also have just received this wallet. I plan on using it primarily for impromptu mentalism.

I had no idea really of the construction of the wallet and was very pleased to see that it is quite different in design from other Himber style wallets yet still achieves the same results.

What I really like are the dual picture windows. I have two identical drivers licences and when placed in the dual windows both "sides" of the wallet look identical!

I don't know if you do do a full Heirloom load, but you can easily have KK in there.

I also have Illuminati in there using my drivers licence, a video card, and the Iluminati key card.

If I ever want to do a no palm card to wallet, no problem. Roth (USA)

I just recently purchased this item as a result of the many nice comments here (The Magic Cafe) about it and couldn't be happier with the purchase.

This is a wonderfully made wallet. Very classy smooth leather that works like a dream. The effect is a worker! The bonus effect "Dark Card" (that I was wasn't expecting) is a killer. I recently performed it for a few friends at a local Magic Shop and asked for their opinion. I further advised I am still working on the patter but just wanted their opinion on the effect itself. Walletopen

Once completed and the back of the card changed color they both just stood there a minute. I could tell they were rewinding in their minds what just happened. They then both looked up at me and just shook their heads and said "Wow, I have no clue" The one fella said "You got me with the card showing up in the wallet then you killed me with the color change , I have no clue"
I think what also got to them is the fact that I let them shuffle and handle the deck during the routine. (Those that have this will understand how this is accomplished) The only problem I have currently is the removal of the card from the zippered compartment as it is kinda tight and removed at an angle.

I give this item a big thumbs up! I can see me using this a lot.  RandyM

Dear Peter,
Your wallet is the best thing I have purchased in ages. Stunning magic that is just down right sneaky.
Call me a bully, but I love doing stuff right in front of people. You Sir, are a genius.
James Linn, Taiwan

Hi Peter, your Pimpernel Wallet arrived safely today...
It is very seldom I like any wallet offering non-palm methods, but I have to say, the Pimpernel Wallet is absolutely TOPS!!!
This thing is great and I love it. It isn't the Z-fold thing used by the Bendix Bombshell and others..this wallet is absolutely outstanding..makes me want to use non-palm methods, something I never really was happy about..
Your wallet..really excites me...very, very well thought out and produced wallet..
The best of the non-palm methods there is..and I think I've seen and used them (almost) all.. (I'm a CTW-buff) Made my day!!! Kind regards, Werner (Denmark)

First let me say, the Pimpernel Wallet is the best magic purchase I have EVER made. It is truly a work of genius. Gabe USA

Dear Peter,
Thanks so much for checking up on me...very much appreciated! The wallet is wonderful! I have used many wallets before...but this one is absolutley brilliant my friend. It is very well made. Thanks for sharing this wonderful prop with the magic community! Take care... Cody S. Fisher MUM Magazine

Does what it says on the tin. (UK TV paint advert)
Several effects are included.
Wallet can be used for "KOLOSSAL KILLER / THE ONE & ONLY" type effects.
When used with THE DARK CARD (Signature appears on a different coloured backed card) it’s a Jaw Dropper.
A well made utility wallet, will last a lifetime, best no palm CTW I have found.
Mike Kelly

I have a collection of wallets. Sadly, since purchasing Peter Scarlett's Pimpernel Wallet, they're redundant! Pacotrix ‘The Magic Cafe’

I own the Pimpernel Wallet and it is quite a powerful piece to perform. It just seems impossible. And easy to perform too. That's a plus in my book. Peter Scarlett's Pimpernel Wallet has to be about the best one IMHO. No palm. No kidding. And it floors them every time. This is the only one I'll ever use. And I have done many versions. This one gets my top endorsement.
Phil Thomas Ohio (USA)

It LOOKS like a hip wallet, it FEELS like a hip wallet, it IS a hip wallet. It is an everyday NORMAL wallet that no one will look at twice. It is ingenious in its design and you don't even have to palm a card into it. I got one and I'm like a six-year-old kid with a new toy that included batteries!! I know I have thanked you privately for designing the Pimpernel Wallet and making it publicly available, but I just think that the credit too should be made more public. The wallet is amazing and nicely accommodates "Heirloom" and the cards (for sixteen outs) from "The One and Only". Hey, it even holds money! and a packet trick or two (Ultimate 3 card monte/colour monte.) Worth every penny folks!
Roger Kelly, Flitwick

I've owned three different wallets for CTW and ended up selling them all shortly after "trying them out". None meet my expectations and needs.
However, last week I made the wallet purchase to end all of my searches! You're right. It's your own Pimpernel Wallet.
While I was aware of the basic workings of the wallet, ten minutes after receiving it, my excitement level was beyond any purchase since I bought my first Chinese Temple screen many years ago. (my first stand up effect at age 12) I am impressed by the routine(s) included, especially the main one, but
I also appreciate the wallet's high quality. Ron Crumley, A new Pimpernel Wallet owner living in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Just received your beautifully made Pimpernel Wallet. Wow. Devilish, devious, and downright dangerous. It is clearly born out of 'real world' - 'under fire' - 'in the trenches' magic performance experience. Wonderful quality and so fun to use. Thank you for making it available to the rest of us. I love my Pimpernel. Best Regards, - John Middleton, St. Francis, MN - USA

Just my opinion, I will say I have purchased a lot of magic ( mostly on impulse ) at conventions and bar none the Pimpernel Wallet is the single best purchase I have ever a convention. Now I did walk around the dealers room for 3 days and watched the demo a couple dozen times. I purchased the last hour the dealers room was open. It wasn't because I couldn't figure out the method ( even though I couldn't ) It was because I was afraid I would find real magic and wouldn't have any money left! Silly Me! Thanks Peter for giving the magic community....REAL MAGIC!
Magically, Mike (USA)

Just received it a few days ago. 7 days for delivery from England...That's what I call real service! Out of all the wallets that I own...palm, no-palm, peek and multiple out's, like the "Miller Miracle Wallet" Peter's wallet is my favorite, it does it all!
1. No-palm, card to wallet. (superior to Bendix Bombshell) Card is found inside a zippered pocket!
2. 4-8 multiple outs, or 16.
3. Normal looking hip style wallet! Made in high quality leather, which England is noted for. Gerard Carisio (California USA)

I have been using the Pimpernel Wallet since I first saw it at Magie Montreal when you attended several years ago. I am not one who praises for the sake of praise. This wallet is by far THE best wallet available for the card to wallet on the market. I have used it in every close-up show I have ever done as a closer to my ambitious card routine. I cannot express the joy I have each and every time I see the spectator's jaw hit the floor and hear the familiar refrain "&^%$#%^% impossible". I carry it with me and use it as my every day wallet, so you can image that it is well "broken in”. Thank you for such an amazing effect. John Martin (Canada)

“I have been using your Pimpernel Wallet for about 5 years now and I would never consider any other wallet. In my opinion its the best.” Jeff Case USA.

“The most practical wallet I have come across EVER!” - Joseph Baynie, Australia

“This is the best I have seen......yours is the best design.” - John Fox, Birmingham

“I am very pleased with the Pimpernel, it is nice to have something that looks like a real wallet.” - Alan Bertin, London

“Peter, this is one of the best purchases I have made, it is a excellent prop, natural looking, and the best switch wallet I have seen. Thank you.” - Nick Menday, Milton Keynes

Killer Kombination was a knockout, thank you very much.” - J.N.Maggs, Witney

“I think this is one of the best tricks I have bought in years.” - John Penrose, Ilford

“Thank you for selling your ‘Killer Kombination’ at such a low price. The quality of the wallet and routines received are excellent.” - Mike Donoghue, Co.Durham

I use mine every night, many times - Ron Coleman, Sydney, Australia

Peter - I've owned this great wallet for some years and found it to be ideal for my sort of work. Kind regards - Bryan Atherton, Wolverhampton.

“I own a Pimpernel Wallet and use it every time I perform. In my opinion it is a very common looking wallet compared with BKM, Expert or looks like a wallet anybody would have in North America. This is a class wallet which is manufactured in England (I believe). I perform a card to wallet using dark card for a killer finish. I would highly recommend this product. Not that it might matter to you but it is also a very very effective magician fooler.” - Peter Hill, Ontario, Canada.

“Something I*ve wanted to do for some time but simply have not got around to doing it, is putting down in writing my sincere thanks for creating and allowing me to use the Killer Kombination. The routine is the strongest card to wallet ever. I personally use the Kaps wallet for walk around and the Pimpernel for table work, but the reaction from the Killer Kombination is second to none.” - Ian Barradell, Derby.

"Killer Kombination has been in my repertoire now for about 3 or 4 years - It *KILLS*. Thanks for an amazing wallet, I can honestly say that it is probably one of the best pieces of close-up magic I own." Alym, Vancouver

Peter, It is always great to tell someone about your wallet and it is easy because I use mine all the time and I believe in what I tell them. I'm sure you won't remember me, but I saw you a few years ago in Saint Louis at the Midwest Magic Jubilee. I watched you demo the wallet probably 10 - 15 times and each time you did it, I was that much more confused and impressed. I am a proud owner of the Pimpernel Wallet. I will always be happy to endorse your wallet - Mike King - shomemagic -USA.

This is different than any other “magic” wallet I have seen, and I have seen dozens. The combination of The Dark Card and the Pimpernel is very powerful and baffling magic. Highly recommended. - The Linking Ring March 2002.

Ian Barradell was second, I have seen Ian work a few times now and he has a very professional and polished act, he included Larry Jennings 'Close-up Illusion', a ring and rope routine, Steve Ehlers 3 Card Location (always a killer!) a diary trick, that looked like Paul Gordon's, and Peter Scarlett's 'Pimpernel Wallet' a lot of good solid commercial magic.

A few weeks ago I was desperately looking for a review on the Pimpernel Wallet by Peter Scarlett, today I will write one myself. Let me first add that I don't own many wallets, so I am not necessarily comparing this one to other wallets on the market. However, I am familiar with the methods most card to wallet effects use.

First, let me describe the wallet. It comes in black leather and is very flat. Consider that a pro. It's a hip pocket style wallet. Leather is a little stiff and surface is a bit rough, nothing soft and glossy, which I consider to be another pro, since it won't be easy to get it worn and torn in no time with scratches and fingerprints all over it. It looks elegant but simple and will pass as a reglular wallet (in the eyes of the specs) with no problems whatsoever. It has a bifold billfold-compartment and two credit card slots. It also has two see-through drivers license compartments. Under one of them there is space to store additonal credit cards, block buster cards, whatever. Unless you wish to arrange several credit cards next to or on top of each other, you can use this as your every day wallet. I threw my old wallet in the trash yesterday. Again, you can fit in two but they should be identical for the effect to work. Of course you can arrange this just before you perform. You can't carry change in this wallet.

This wallet can also serve as a peek wallet and to switch objects. It can also be used to perform Heirloom or KK. It really has 8 outs, but with Heirloom (needs 16) you can improvise and make it work.

The card to wallet routine: the card is found in the deck and placed inside wallet. Performer claims he is so sure he found the card he is ready to bet money on it. He places card in a see-thru plastic compartment. When he takes it back out it turns out it's the wrong card but instead the signed selection is now in a zippered compartment.

At no time does the deck come close to the deck. There is no palming and it would be safe to say that somebody who has never performed magic could perform this within half an hour. And that half hour is more or less spent getting familiar with the handling and the wallet in general, there are no slights to learn. EASY, EASY, EASY. The effect is VERY strong. It has been argued that the fact that one places a card inside right in front under their nose makes this suspicious or somewhat less desirable, but this is a purist's opinion that does not have any revelance in the real world (IMHO). The fact that there are no arkward movements at all more than compensates for this. The wallet just sits there on the table the entire time (if you wish).

Also consider the following routine: you put the card in wallet and present it to the spec like before, but this time it's a gag card, saying "your card" on white bicycle stock (I bet your card is in the wallet) when revealed. Ok, after this little joke you put the gag card back in the wallet and close the wallet, after a bit of by-play this gag card has now VANISHED from the see-through compartment and the real selection is in the zippered compartment. An advanced (or intermediate) card-move is needed for this routine and some misdirection, but it's not palming. But it does take card to wallet to the next level.

Weakness: in the part of the wallet where the dirty work happens there is some material that someone used a razor blade on, this material is now coming undone already (wallet is brand-new). Partly because the cut was done in a sloppy fashion, partly because that's what this material will do (when cut, in a sloppy fashion or not). I must say that I did buy my wallet from a Café-member and like so I am not sure if this one is an exception (definitely an exception - Peter) or if there is a chance of getting these on a regular basis. Suffice to say, it should be very easy to fix this problem, once it gets worse, by glueing in black construction paper to replace the silky stuff. Also part of the plastic window came off the leather, it took me 2 minutes to fix that with a glue stick. In spite of this flaw the wallet operates but it also becomes clear where maintenance will be due at some point. The material I am talking about is used in many wallets and makes up the lining in billfold-compartments.

This brings overall rating down to a 8.5 on a 10 scale.

The dark card: you can order a little prop called dark card with this. You need to be able to perform a faro shuffle which isn't the easiest of all shuffles, but a mediocre one will do. It is obvious, as stated from time to time here in the Café, that once mastered this is among the strongest magic there can be. Basically the selection is taken out of a red deck of cards (and the selection can bee seen to have a red back as well), only to change to blue later during the routine.
This brings overall rating back up to a very solid 9.5

The pros in a nutshell:
-can be used as every day wallet and even you will like its looks (nothing fancy, simple and elegant).
- wallet itself will last a long time.
-extremely easy handling.
-very thin (back pocket, hip pocket, you chose)
-powerful effects.
-extremely versatile (5 wallets in one: peek, switch, multiple out, card to wallet, regular wallet).

Highly recommended. Markiquark (Magic Café)


Diminishing Returns had great impact and people are still talking about the effect! - Peter Bentley, Fleet


This well-thought-out routine is easy to do and moves briskly. The unusual props will intrigue audiences. Highly recommended. - The Linking Ring April 2002.


I recommend Peter Scarlet's Lecture notes, that is if you want to perform a truly magical looking piece of magic. As I remember it, a silk leaped from several feet away to a location between 2 silks held by Peter Scarlet, the held silks separated and the silk flying through the air took its position between the held silks. Now that is what real magic is about.

Check out his Zombie Routine in his notes as well, combining a floating ball effect and then transitions into the a Zombie routine. Great thinking and again, what real magic is all about.

What is also nice is that you can perform these miracles in a parlour room or banquet show. No need for large stage setting. When I seen Peter's lecture he was in the middle of a gym floor, with only a card table to work off of and a mic to speak through.

Made my eyes pop and really pay attention to his lecture. Best investment in lecture notes in my life.   Wmhegbli (Magic Cafe)

As mentioned previously, Peter Scarlet has a brilliant routine combining the floating ball and smoothly transitioning into Zombie.

They are in his lecture notes "Sleightly Entertaining" available from him here.

The lecture notes "Sleightly Entertaining" are available on CD with added pictures and information contained in the notes

Take a look at some very good routining, his silk effect is outstanding as well a very visual leap of silk to between 2 silks held by the performer. His 7 Keys to Baldplate routine is a real winner as well. All in the same set of notes Sleightly Entertaining", what a bargain. Bill Hegbli (Fort Wayne USA)

Many thanks for a superb lecture, every one a gem. Graham Reed (Magic Circle Lecture 10th January 2005)

I met you last night at Southdowns. I thought your  lecture was brilliant, best I've ever seen. The reason I say that is because in  my eyes everything was based on pure entertainment and no flashy card stuff  (florishes for the sake of florishes). You have woken me up to what magic is all  about - light hearted fun - Thank you ! David Croucher, South Downs Magicians October 2009


I received the beautiful card box safe and sound. Thank you for the VERY CLEVER idea for getting the spectator to do the work of turning the box over for you.  GW New York, New York

This is ideal for home use. The box appears innocent, merely an elegant accessory casually taken from a desk or bookshelf. Highest recommendation for home entertaining. - The Linking Ring April 2002.

A nice box that, if handled right, can be very convincing. Bill Gussen USA

Well, I have to say, I succumbed and purchased Peter Scarlett's Pimpernel Card Box. Well worth the money. A suberb piece of craftsmanship and quite an ingenious utility device. It sits proudly on the coffee table and doesn't look out of place. The thought and workmanship that has gone into this is fantastic. Of course, it can be JUST a card box (like 'normal' everyday card boxes) but this comes with it's 'secret' and two decks of Bikes and two routines that must be worth nearly half the price alone. Highly recommended. Roger Kelly, Flitwick



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