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Classic Studebaker Video Lecture

Classic Studebaker
Master   corporate   entertainer Peter Studebaker finally surfaces   from   magic's   underground   just   long   enough   to   share some of the inner secrets of one of the field's most lucrative specialties.
In this intimate lecture video, you will see Peter demonstrate his pet routines flawlessly, at the same time imparting the methodological and performing philosophies that have carried him to the very top of his field.
LOTTO CASH: A handful of lottery tickets changes instantly into a handful of money!
I.R.D.: A killer version of Triumph using a rubber-banded deck!
LONGHORN PAPER TEAR: An ultra-clean handling for the cigarette-paper tear that will have you rewinding the performance segment over and over to try to spot the method!
CHAIN LETTER: One of the most commercial frameworks ever devised for Bob Hummer's cunning Exclusion Principle.
CHICAGO UNIVERSAL: Part Rising Deck, part Chicago Opener, part Red Hot Mamma, this is an excellent example of real-world routining!
Plus   CARD   IN   MATCHBOX,   PETER'S   ELEVATOR,   PETER'S  ROLLOVER ACES. THOUGHTS ON THE SQUEAKER GIMMICK, and so much more! Every effect is richly structured to negate any and all dead-time, and filled with the kind of handling touches that elevate simple tricks to the level of stand-alone showpieces!
Classic STUDEBAKER is overflowing with real-world magic from one of its finest purveyors!
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